Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Hi Everyone

Thanks for you interest in my parts and apologies for the group email. I'll try to answer a few questions here. I have been busier than usual so please, please bear with me, I can only go thru this stuff when I have spare time and due to one thing another I haven't been able to even look at any MX stuff of late.

Fox Airshox
These are still on my 1979 CR125, I have the original box, manual and genuine deluxe for gauge for them. They are 17.5" so correct for 1979 CR125, 1978-80 CR250 as well as Husky models from that era. I have 2prs of Ohlins that needs restoring - when I get that done I'll fit a set to my bike and sell the Fox shox. I'll post pics as soon as they are available - but it may be some time.

78-80 CR250 NOS Shocks
These are now sold sorry.

76-78 NOS Mugen Kit
Well it will be a part (no airbox or pipe) but when I get it together there will be a cylinder, head, reed, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, carb and HD clutch springs . The kits uses a stock 1979 CR125 piston kit. When I get this out I'll post pics and go from there.

Alloy Honda swingarms
All sold except my cracked 1980 CR125 one which is still for sale.

1981 RM125 - still for sale
1987 CR125 & 1975 YZ125 Shinobi. Still in parts, will post pics when available.
1979 CR125 DG Racer. Complete, one of the last bikes my dad did before passing away, I'll probably keep this buy may sell at the right price.

Other parts
Everything is the pictures that is still listed I still have for sale. As for specific requests, as I have mentioned on the blog I can only tell you what I have when I've found it.


Alan Woods

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